Left: Chief Luther Standing Bear
Right: Chief Henry Standing Bear


Calvin Standing Bear is a full-blooded Oglala/Sicangu Lakota from the Rosebud reservation of South Dakota. He is a talented flutist of traditional Lakota music and composer of contemporary Lakota Flute songs, which are richly grounded in the concept of spirituality. He is a singer of both traditional and spiritual Lakota songs. His many talents include mastery of the acoustic guitar.

Calvin is also a member of the Sonoran Spirit Flute Circle. He comes from a wealth of very impressive ancestors. Calvin's mother is a talented artist and has created many a craft which embody the very essence of native influence. She is also fluent in her native language. Calvin also comes from a line of Chiefs. One of his Grandfathers is an author of many books regarding native life.

Chief Silas Standing Bear

Red Tail Chasing Hawks

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