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Calvin Standing Bear
Calvin Standing Bear


Calvin Standing Bear is a full Oglala/Sicangu Lakota from the Rosebud reservation of South Dakota. He is a talented flutist and singer of traditional Lakota music and composer of contemporary Lakota Flute songs, which are richly grounded in "Spirituality".

His many talents include mastery of the acoustic guitar. He is a member of the Sonoran Spirit Flute Circle. Calvin's life journey consists of traveling to participate in the many Lakota healing circles. He has danced traditional Men Northern style at Pow Wows and sings at local Native American Indian Events.

Calvin conducts lectures on Native American Culture and Lakota Traditions, incorporating old and new flute music for public schools, and colleges, nationally. Calvin provided the music narration entitled "Lakota Star Knowledge". The Stars and Black Hills and the Buffalo," where he described concepts of Lakota star mapping and story telling along with the songs accompanying the Lakota stellar presentation.

Calvin is also in the book "Kids explore the Heritage of Western Native Americans." In this book, Calvin and his family help children explore the Sioux Heritage, including making traditional Lakota foods, bead work, jewelry and telling of Sioux legends.

Calvin attended the "1997 North American Indigenous Games," held in Victoria B.C. where he offered support to the Colorado Ute Indians for their sports. While there, he preformed at the cultural village and main stage. He holds great pride in serving as an ambassador to promote spirituality and understanding of the Lakota people through music.

Calvin has had the pleasure of preforming internationally, introducing his music to audiences in Canada and Japan. As an accomplished musical preformer, Calvin had conducted concerts for the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, seventeen times where contemporary and traditional Lakota flute music were blended with the orchestra. He has participated in the musical production of "Granny Dances to a Holiday Drum" with "The Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre" as a flutist and singer of spiritual traditional songs.

He has a duo with James Torres, keyboard & piano since 1994 "Red Tail Chasing Hawks" Their music can be heard while walking through grand concourse A or the Denver International Airport. Continuous invitations have been extended from the city of Denver and the Colorado Preforming Arts Council.

Calvin has produced two national CD recordings, two with James Torres (Chiricahua/Mexican American) as duo "Red Tail Chasing Hawks" through Canyon Records. The CDs are titled "Eagle Dances With The Wind" and "Brother Hawk." Two additional CDs, "Voices across the Canyon" Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 also released as his first sole production. His third CD titled "Wakan Olowan" was recorded in Denver, Colorado. His fourth CD, "Fly Eagle Fly," a duo production with James Torres, recorded October 2009, includes contemporary songs. Will go on public display nationally mid springs 2010.



Colorado Symphony Orchestra (PDF)
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Native American Performances & Events (PDF)
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Performances - Festivals & Concerts (coming soon)

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