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In 1993 Calvin and James met at the "Four Winds Native American Church" in Denver, Colorado. Calvin and a drum group of singers were singing spiritual songs at the time. After church James asked Calvin if he could take his drum group and sing at a benefit. While they were getting acquainted, Calvin said to James that he played the native flute also. James said i have composed a song called "Buffalo Heart", and asked Calvin if he could play his native flute with the song. Calvin said only if it is in F minor. James said yes i have composed the song in F minor. After months of working and composing music together, their complementary talents became national recording artists known as "Red Tail Chasing Hawks", signed on with Canyon Records in 1994, who produces Native American Traditional and contemporary music.

Calvin Standing Bear is a full Oglala/Sicangu Lakota from the Rosebud reservation of South Dakota. He is a talented flutist and singer of traditional Lakota music and composer of contemporary Lakota flute songs, which are richly grounded in spirituality. Calvin conducts lectures on Native American Culture and Lakota traditions, incorperating old and new flute music for Elementary, Middle schools, Highschools and Colleges. The flute has been a tradition to his Lakota people for hundreds of years.

James Torres is a Chiricahua Apache/Mexican American from Sidney, Nebraska. He is a talented pianest, keyboard, vocal, composer of contemporary native, latin and christian music. James has been involved with the Native American Indian community for years helping to raise funds for charity. He has played piano and composed music for the last thirty five years and believe it is a power means of communication for the spirit for relaxing and healing.

They have produced two national CD albums entitled "Eagle Dances With The Wind" and "Brother Hawk". You can hear the rattles, drums, vocals, percussion and various nature sounds and chanting in their creative music. Two additional CD's, "Voices Across The Canyon" Vol.1 and Vol.3 also released as their first sole production. Their belief, that they are bringing spiritual music to a secular world. Upon taking their music to a native ceremony and getting permission to expose it to the world, the medicine man says yes, under one condition, that you discipline your lives and your music will be heard like thunder in the sky. Since they have gone international and preformed as far away as Yumagata, Japan 1997. The music of the "Red Tail Chasing Hawks" can be heard while walking through grand concourse A or the Denver International Airport.

After preforming for many years together, James and Calvin decided to go solo and explore their other musical interests. While James travel and preformed in Italy. Calvin persued his passion lecturing about Native American culture and music in many school systems through out the United States. One of his memorable moments was preforming with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The year October 2008, Calvin and James reunited and decided to get together and composed a new CD album which has been accomplished and will be available to the public in the near future. They feel this is the best recording they have created so far.

Calvin and James, we are honored to share this music with you. Our musical styles blend friendship and cultural style with the Great Spirits inspiration.

We are all related,
Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations)

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